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free audio tools for Linux ?

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hallo, one of my mates, a linux-only guy, and not very experienced with audio software, needs (I'm saying that *g*) a program maybe of equivalent capabilities of SoundForge, earlier verisons like 4.5 suffice. is there something like that for linux? esspecially dynamic compression etc are needed, to make recorded speech for an independant internet radio broadcast sound more smooth. (hardware is mostly not present, what is present is so cheap that it has to be souped-up with software after recording...) thanks in advance for all tips, unshaven

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I know nothing about sound processing, but would SOX do it? The only requirement you listed seems to be filled, from SOX's manual page:

compand attack1,decay1[,attack2,decay2...]


[gain [initial-volume [delay ] ] ]
Compand (compress or expand) the dynamic range of a sample.

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