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2D Game Tiling

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Well, I have been playing around with DirectX for a little bit, mostly playing with sprite and DXFont manipulation. Recently I had an itch to try and create a 2D strategy game, something similar to Warcraft (the first one), which was in DOS. I have gotten some painful things out of the way, such as creating DX classes and sprite manager, etc. My question is what would be best way to go about tiling textures onto "something" to display and move the map on the screen. The reason I said something is because there a many choices to choose, which also confuses me. So first question: What would be the best way to tile texture? Onto a sprite then move the sprite around? Also would it be wise to create a primitive object which had texture tiles on it then move the camera around to simulate map movement? I am in favor of using the world transition camera to move and simulate map movement but I was wondering how to implement that? Would rendering to a offscreen surface be wise? My simplistic map structure looks as such:
class CMap
	IDirect3DSurface9* mMap;

	bool initMap(*stuff here*);
	void drawMap(*stuff here*);
	void cleanUp();

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