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Borland C++ Builder Coding Contest

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There is a Borland Cpp Builder (any version) coding contest going on over at Plenty of prizes (over $25,000 worth). Everyone that enters will get something. Categories: Small Utility - a small but useful program. Large Program - a full, substantial, big program. Game or Diversion - a fun or silly program designed to amuse. Educational, Programming, or Academic Tool - a specialty program. Web-centric Tool - a program which makes prominent use of the Internet (client, server, or peer-to-peer programs, etc.) Database-centric Tool - a program centering around database manipulation. Component or IDE Add-in - a VCL component or IDE extension. Deadline: extended till August 14, 2006 Lots more info, official rules, etc: I have been informed by mouser, the founder of, that if you decide to enter a game, you may be eligible to enter the same game for both this contest and the accessibility one mentioned here: Sponsors: Borland: EC Software: VMware: FinalBuilder: Visual Build Pro: Automated QA: JomiTech: C++Builder Developer's Journal: ...and many more!

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