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Microsoft Script Editor 10 debug question

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I am using the Microsoft Script Editor 10 and attempting to run the debugger. However, no matter how I initialize (Start debugging, step into, step over..ect) the debugger shows it's running, then stops. I don't mean it *breaks* such that if you set break points and it should break there, or stepping into it breaks at the first line or function call line. It runs, and then just returns to a stop state without any access to windows or tools (autos, watch..ect). It quits just like if you had hit "stop debugging". Below is the main body of the .vbs script ....any suggestions?

Option Explicit
Dim objNet, objShell, strComputer, objFSO, objReg
Dim KeyPath

set objNet = CreateObject("wscript.Network")
set objShell = CreateObject("wscript.shell")
strComputer = objNet.ComputerName		'Acquiring Computer Name

set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Call DefaultUserName
Call AdminAutoLogin(StrComputer)
Select Case (checkInst())
	Case "true"
		Call UninstallClient()
	Case "false"
		Call InstallClient()
	End Select

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