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Eets: Swallows an Update

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Eets: Swallows an Update July 20th 2006, Klei Entertainment,, is proud to announce the first update to their hit independent game, Eets: Hunger. It’s Emotional. The update adds a variety of features to the award winning title, including the ability to save and share your solutions to puzzles, download and watch the official solution, preview puzzles, and multiple user feature requests. Eets is a simple and fun puzzle game that breaks the mold of the boring puzzle games of yesteryear. With vibrant graphics and easy to learn play it turns a puzzle game into orchestrated action, at least when things go according to plan. Experience over a hundred puzzles that ship with the game and a slew of crazy characters to help (or hinder) Eets on his journey. If the challenges that come with the game aren’t enough, join the Eets community and download user created puzzles, participate in special events for prizes, and create your own puzzles to share with friends worldwide. Eets has already been hailed by a number of trusted sources, including Penny Arcade, who wrote “[Eets is] A succulent combination of Lemmings and The Incredible Machine, [with] crisp art and whimsical play." And further described by Grrl Gamer as “Lemmings on crack.” With praise like that, how could anyone go wrong by downloading the free trial from

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