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DirectPlay - Bad data transmition

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Hi all... I've been trying to establish a peer-2-peer connection using DirectPlay for a simple console sample game. So, I need to send a message to the other computer, everytime a player made its move. This message is an array of 4 chars. I'm sending it w/ DirectPlay's SendTo function, which looks like this:
                                    phAsync, DPNSEND_PRIORITY_HIGH | DPNSEND_GUARANTEED | DPNSEND_NOLOOPBACK)))

But when I receive it in the other computer, the msg is filled with zeros. I'm receiving the message through the DirectPlayMessageHandler, which is the following:
        case DPN_MSGID_RECEIVE:
            PDPNMSG_RECEIVE     pMsg;
            TCHAR       strBuffer[4];

            pMsg = (PDPNMSG_RECEIVE) pMsgBuffer;
            DXUtil_ConvertWideStringToGenericCch( strBuffer, (WCHAR*) pMsg->pReceiveData, 4);

			for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
				//Avoid garbage
				if (strBuffer[i] >= 0)
					msg[i] = strBuffer[i];
                        //Check it up
			cout << msg[0] << msg[1] << msg[2] << msg[3] << endl;

Can someone tell me why this happens? What am I doing wrong here? =S Thanks everyone...

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