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indirect lighting for terrain

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well im not rly into indirect lighting... havent rly looked into it but ive got a few ideas... just posting it here for confirmation... in the first pass i have each point illuminted by a lightsource using the dotproduct of the points normal and the lightnormal... in the second pass i take a point and use the dotvector between the point and each surrounding point withing a certain distance and in the horizon of the points ... multipliying this with the other points brightness and dividing it by the distance times a constant... it would look somethig like this...
Point = P
PointNormal = PN
Surrounding point = SP
Surrounding point normal = SPN

for each P on the terrain
    P Brightness = max(0,DotProduct(PN, LightDirectionNormal)) * Light Brightness

for each P on the terrain
    for each SP within a certain distance
          if SP is within horizon
              FinalPointBrightness = P Brightness + SP Brightness *max(0,DotProduct(PN, SPN))/(distance from P to SP * constant)

would this work in realtime? if i have a precalcualted horizonmap

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