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rotation problem!

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Hi! I want to rotate my objects in my sample game.Here is my code.AXIS_U and AXIS_N are ok! But when i rotate object around AXIS_V, object rotate like rotate around Y axis(in world coordinate).But i want rotate local Y axis(AXIS_V).Why this problem occurs. // Rotation void Object::Rotation(int _axis, float _angle) { if(fabsf(_angle) < D3DX_16F_EPSILON || !(m_attribute & OBJECT_LIVE)) return; switch(_axis){ case AXIS_U: m_angle.x += _angle; m_angle.x = fmodf(m_angle.x, 2 *D3DX_PI); break; case AXIS_V: m_angle.y += _angle; m_angle.y = fmodf(m_angle.y, 2 *D3DX_PI); break; case AXIS_N: m_angle.z += _angle; m_angle.z = fmodf(m_angle.z, 2 *D3DX_PI); break; default: break; } return; } // and // Draw void Object::Draw() { if(!(m_attribute & OBJECT_VISIBLE) || !(m_attribute & OBJECT_LIVE)) return; char strDebugging[256]; D3DXMATRIX Translation, RotationX, RotationY, RotationZ; D3DXMatrixTranslation(&Translation, m_worldPos.x, m_worldPos.y, m_worldPos.z); Translation = (*D3DXMatrixRotationZ(&RotationZ, m_angle.z)) * (*D3DXMatrixRotationX(&RotationX, m_angle.x)) * (*D3DXMatrixRotationY(&RotationY, m_angle.y) * Translation); Device->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, &Translation); ...... thanks !

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My guess is that the model's center is not at 0,0,0. You may try concatenating your matrices in the following order to see if it works a little better.

Mat = RotY*RotX*RotZ*Translation.

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I think You don't get the current angle at the points that You want to
rotate. This is the function that rotate the point around center. If You want to rotate the object call this function for each point of the object:

class CSurfacePt
double m_dX;
double m_dY;
double m_dZ;

void CSurfacePt::Rotate(double dZAngle, double dXAngle, double dYAngle)
//Rotation around Z
double dRXY = hypot(m_dX, m_dY);
double dTransXYAngle = dXYAngle + atan2(m_dY, m_dX);

m_dX = dRXY*cos(dTransXYAngle);
m_dY = dRXY*sin(dTransXYAngle);

//Rotation around Y
double dRZX = hypot(m_dX, m_dZ);
double dTransZXAngle = dZXAngle + atan2(m_dZ, m_dX);

m_dX = dRZX*cos(dTransZXAngle);
m_dZ = dRZX*sin(dTransZXAngle);

//Rotation around X
double dRZY = hypot(m_dZ, m_dY);
double dTransZYAngle = dZYAngle + atan2(m_dY, m_dZ);

m_dZ = dRZY*cos(dTransZYAngle);
m_dY = dRZY*sin(dTransZYAngle);

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