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Riviera Kid

.x file, strange design imo

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Currently i am loading in mesh data from x files using the x file objects. I find x files very awkward to work with. The most awkward part being the MeshFace template. It stores the number of indices for the face! why?! 99.99% of the time that number is 3. I can understand that some software renderers might want to load an X File where it might render 4 vertex faces or whatever. But why put the burden onto the majority of users? All good renderers can render 3 vertex faces, additionally it is a Direct X File, not an api independant file. In my app, at the moment, i allocate space based on the number of faces. nFaces * 3. Great. But because some faces have 4 indices my algorithm is screwed. I now have to reallocate my memory and split the 4 index faces. Practically speaking this makes very little difference because i would be converting the models to a more practical format for later (faster) use. I hate loading files because you are forced to deal with someone elses design. And more often than not, their design doesnt suite your needs. Does this bother anyone else or is it just me?

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