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Machine code question

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I am creating a new language and am using my compiler to translate my language into machine code. I know allot but can't figgure out how to print to the screen. Does anyone know how to do this.

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You can't figure out how to print to the screen?

As in, you don't know the assembly required to print to the screen?

Well, as far as I know, that would include getting access to the video buffer, and editing that directly. I recommend that you use C, or another language as the backend to your language.

It would also probably be easier to just create a small scripting language instead of a full-blown compiled to machine code language.

Anyway, that being said, good luck.

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Assuming win32/x86...

You can try int21 (iirc).


stack ENDS
greet DB 'Hello, world!$'
dseg ENDS
start PROC FAR
mov ax,dseg
mov ds,ax
mov dx,OFFSET greet
mov ah,09H
int 21H
mov ah,4CH
int 21H
start ENDP
cseg ENDS
END start

or so.

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Without DOS's interrupt 21h, you could write directly to address: 0xB8000.

Example (untested, dunno if it will build, NASM syntax):

mov ebx, 0xB8000
mov es, ebx
mov [es:0], 'L' ;write the letter L to the upper left of the screen

Note that every other byte represents an ASCII character. The bytes in-between are 'attributes' (for color and blinking.)

My recommendation to you is to make your compiler more cross-platform by linking your output object files to C standard libraries (or base your own libraries around them.)

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