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[web] web-based, create your own content, fantasy game

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Hi All, I've been planning and making a game system in my spare time over the past 2 years. It's a web-based RPG, kinda text based, some minor graphics. I wanted a system that will allow players to contribute to the game world. I think it will lend itself to allow players to dictate the quests and shape the world. The game is called Create or Conquer I've opened it up for Beta and am looking for feedback on: 1. playability 2. usage of the world building system 3. ideas for how to make it better My background is a web related for the last 10 years. I'm not a graphics person and would love to find someone who is interested in skinning the system. The system is built to support any game type (sci fi, war, wild west, you name it - all I have to do is create the basis of the game, and a skin - and the rest is up to players) I'm interested in general feedback about the concept of allowing players to contribute to the world. Part of me thinks I'm crazy to allow it - and I'd be policing players from adding uber items and just crap into the world. I could allow moderators to babysit content and if a player is submitting too much garbage, they 'addability' features can be removed from their account. I've even thought about unlocking the world building features in the player account once they hit a certain XP point - to show they know the game and can see the style of world content that is out there. I don't know if this will really be a problem. What I really want to see is a player base who plays and devs for the game world. I've always gotten bored the moment I have no quests for my level, and I have to go level grind to make it to the next batch of quests. I'm a quest-driven player, and I know not everyone is. I'd love to lend my experience to anyone who is having trouble with PHP, MYSQL development - it's my main line of work. Thanks Eliia

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