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Retrieve vertex data from a mesh

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I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how to manipulate vertex data from a mesh. I have the ID3DXMesh* loaded in aomesh->mesh. I have the following code written.
// calc stride of vertex
int numBytePerVertex = aomesh->mesh->GetNumBytesPerVertex();

// get vertex buffer description
IDirect3DVertexBuffer9* p_vb;

// lock vertex buffer
BYTE* v = 0;
aomesh->mesh->LockVertexBuffer(D3DLOCK_READONLY, (void**)&v);

// code to retrieve position and normal data not yet written

// unlock vertex buffer

Is this the proper way to get the stride of each vertex? Once you have a FVF description, stored in desc.FVF, how do you tell the byte offset from the beginning of the vertex data where a particular data is, such as position, normal, or color data?

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That is pretty much the only way of generalising the process. If you know that the incoming format is you can optimize accordingly - You might want to look into using ID3DXMesh::CloneMesh() to help out.

I would recommend using the vertex declaration rather than FVF's; given that FVF's are a subset of declarations you shouldn't have any problems (however, some vertex formats cannot be represented by FVF's). The various fields in D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 will reveal the appropriate offsets/lengths etc...


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