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OpenGL Problems with Tao and Unmanaged OpenGL

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I'm having a problem with Tao's OpenGL bindings that I am hopeful someone can shed some light on. I'm building on top the Tao NeHe Lesson02 provided with the Tao installation, wanting to replace its DrawGLScene() with my own rendering routine, which is actually in an unmanaged C DLL. I've loaded the DLL and can successfully call this rendering routine, but am seeing some strange behavior, notably that only calls to glColor() in this rendering routine have any effect. I cannot draw primitives nor do any sort of transformation or texture mapping. From my understanding of Tao, it is simply a wrapper around the unmanaged OpenGL DLLs, so whether I set up OpenGL through Tao or through my own unmanaged DLL, the end effect should be the same and I should be able to render from either unmanaged or managed code. Does anyone have experience with this they might impart to me? Is my assumption about being able to set up OpenGL through Tao and then render from unmanaged code wrong? Much obliged!!

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