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Questions about C# and VB.NET

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I have two projects in mind that I want to work on and since I have no experience at all in either C# or VB I would like to get opinions on which would be more suited for my goals. I am looking to create a small database program to catalogue magazines so I can log them and later search under certain keywords to return the correct issue. Next is a flash card program. I am a Spanish major and I want to learn other languages as well and I want to create my own flash card system. I use one now called CueCards which is good, but I would like to make my own and have my own custom features. Judging by this can anyone tell me which would be more suited for my needs. I realize that both would probably work find, but I am looking for the one that is generally considered to have a faster work flow and perhaps easier for a beginner to get going with. Thanks

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The two are virtually identical. C# can do a (very) few things that VB.Net can't, but the main difference is the syntax. Compare:

(Visual Basic.Net)

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

RSS2HTML.ItemsPerFeed = 5 ' display only 5 latest items

' ##### we can add more than one RSS feed #########
RSS2HTML.AddFeed("http://bytescout.com/news.xml", 180) ' update every 180 minutes (3 hours)


RSS2HTML.SaveOutputToFile("Output.html") ' save output to HTML file
End Sub


private void Form1_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

RSS2HTML.ItemsPerFeed = 5; // limit 5 latest items per feed

RSS2HTML.AddFeed ("http://bytescout.com/news.xml", 180); // update every 180 minutes (3 hours)


(Code samples copied from a bytescout.com tutorial.)

Microsoft mainly made VB.Net to help VB6 users transition to .Net; they intended C# to be the main .Net language. That doesn't really matter, though, because the two are basically the same thing from a technical standpoint.

I personally think C#'s syntax looks much more clean, but use whichever you prefer.

[Edited by - nagromo on July 26, 2006 3:10:23 PM]

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