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Dreamcast Asteroids 1.1

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Quick post. I've updated my Dreamcast Asteroids clone. It uses the TA to draw graphics now, so everything is smoother and faster. I also improved the sound code. This game is supposed to be a clone very true to the original. Controls: D-Pad: Turn A: Fire RTrigger: Thrust X: Hyperspace Start: Pause Download the file, and burn with Discjuggler. Even the free demo will work! I'm sorry about using Rapidshare. My hosting is gone for the moment. Download here! Some real screenshots! ***WARNING. I used paintedover here so there are slightly NWS ads. Sorry. *** Screenie 1 Screenie 2

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I am a complete newbie and want to begin programming for DreamCast. I have worked on small PC games with VC++ and DirectX 9.0c. I have found a few links to help me get started but they are really confusing. I was hoping if you could help me out by giving me some links to the basic stuff or anyother way.

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Hi newbie_programmer

If you are interested in developing for Dreacast, your best bet is to visit and download Chui's Dreamcast SDL driver

It provides a wrapper which can be used with SDL 1.2.9, which you can downloaded from the main SDL website, which there should be a copy of the old 1.2.9 version in the repository download page. I have to admit, it is self explanatory from installation, to developing a few tutorials for video initialisation, input, etc.

Because of the multiplatform nature, you can develop through Visual C++, as SDL works fine in this IDE. Find the installation guide and setting up SDL in visual C++ on this page.

It provides decent openGL, sound, and input support as it is very easy if you follow chui's website..

Due to the limitations of the Dreamcast, openGL support is minimal compared the top spec pc's of now. So enjoy and begin developing as there are some great SDL/openGL tutorials that you can follow.

When you have created the demos and tutorials on Chui's website, you create a rom and run it on either a burned cd-rom (which would be wasting discs, and time!) or run it on the best Dreamcast emulator Chankast...

I personally havent used Chui's driver much, but i have run a few demos, and it is so easy compared to what you have used before (Visual C and Directx 9.0c).

Enjoy and if you have any other queries, just reply...

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Hi WillPash,

Firstly, thank you very much for your help.
I do have a few questions and I hope you can help me out. Heres how far i have gotten so far. I have set up dev-c++ with KOS based on the tutorial given here . i have also complied some examples given in the folder for dreamcast and it compiles without errors. I want to burn this to a cd-r to check if it executes fine on a dreamcast as i am yet to receive my coders cable. so my questions are:-
1) where do i get help on programming for KOS and KGL-X? (to start making my own little games)
2)where can i find help on things like...How do i burn the cd-r? what files to include? etc?

Thank you again for all your help. if you could plz help me with these i would really appreciate it.


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Sorry guys, GDNet didn't tell me on e-mail that I got any replies...

What I'm going to say about DC development:

*Write your game so it can target both platforms: PC and DC (have an engine that's been tested on both platforms). This eliminates constant testing on the DC, and if you don't have a broadband adapter, don't even THINK about transferring more than 1 meg over the serial adapter.

*I burned my CD with a utility called "selfboot". There's other programs that'll make more complex CDs though

*If you can get Dev C++/Code Blocks/Whatever to work, fine, you don't have to. I just used MSVC to open the files and the simple UI enhancments, and compiled from the command line.

*KOS/KGL documentation sucks. I had to experiment and look at, for example, the KGL source in kos-ports

*Chankast... if you can get it working. I didn't. What the world needs is a Dreamcast emulator that works 100%.

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Hi matt_j

Thank for your suggestions. I finally got everything set up and got drawing primitives working. chankast is woring as well. right now i am working on 2D engine which is only designed for DC but i think i will start working on making it both both PC and DC platforms.

I have one small prb though. I can load png images without prb. but jpeg loading function is giving me a linker error.
C:/Dev-Cpp/dclib\libjpeg.a(jerror.o): In function `error_exit':
/home/kos/addons/libjpeg/jerror.c:79: undefined reference to `exit'

I am using the function jpeg_to_img for jpeg and i am using png_to_img function for png. any suggestions?

Also i dont have a serial port on my laptop to connect the coder's cable. i tried using a USB to serial adapter but tht is also giving me an error. saying error accessing com port, access is denied. I have searched the internet for help and some ppl have got this thing working but most have'nt. so i have kinda lost hope there.

Thank You for all the help and suggestions so far. Hope you can help me out with this as well.

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