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LibSOL - Simple OpenGL Layer

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Hello! I wrote LibSOL as a small and simple framework to get your OpenGL applications up and running in as little time as possible, and size matters. My Windows build of LibSOL comes down to a 10.5 kilobyte dynamic link library, if thats not impressive I don't know what is. It currently runs on both Windows, and Linux. If someone could port it to Mac OS X that would be great, I do not have the resources to do that. Both mouse and keyboard input work too. So please give it a try! :) Note that there are no prebuilt binaries available for download, you will have to compile them. Here is a code example:
#include <SOL/SOL.h>
#include <GL/GL.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	//Make a structure of window properties
	static SOL_WINDOW window = {
			800,	//width
			600,	//height
			16,	//bits per pixel
			0};	//fullscreen, 1 = true
	//Create a window

	//Set the window caption
	SOL_SetWindowCaption("SOL Example Application");

	//Main loop
	while(SOL_Update()) {

	//Destroy the window

	return 0;

Project webpage: http://libsol.sf.net/ EDIT: Fixed the link.

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Looks really nice. You ought to add support for controlling the seutp of the stencil buffer, alpha buffer, etc...

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