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How to use a sprite whci have many position for my hero

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This is my problem .. maybe it is a lazy question. I use C and lib allegro and i have problem when i need to draw and make an animation use only one picture(sprite) who have a lot of picture for my hero position . I know i can use a picture for each position at my hero or somtehing else ,but is not a according to the situation , i think http://www.sprites-inc.co.uk/files/Classic/DrWily/index.php - this is an exemple! .

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Requires that the sprites are arranged in a grid, each cell being the same size.

void drawSpriteMap(BITMAP *dest, // Bitmap to draw on
int x, // X position to draw at.
int y, // Y position to draw at.
BITMAP *spritemap, // The sprite map to use.
int h_num, // Horizontal number of sprites.
int v_num, // Vertical number of sprites.
int h_index, // Horizontal index of the sprite to use.
int v_index) // Vertical index of the sprite to use.
ASSERT(dest && spritemap);
ASSERT(h_num > 0 && v_num > 0);
ASSERT(h_index >= 0 && h_index < h_num);
ASSERT(v_index >= 0 && v_index < v_num);

masked_blit(spritemap, dest,
spritemap->w/h_num*h_index, spritemap->h/v_num*v_index,
x, y,
spritemap->w/h_num, spritemap->h/v_num);

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