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Windows custum cursor - new

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Now I solved the former problem and can change cursors with: hCursor = LoadCursor(application.hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDC_CURSOR4)); SetCursor(hCursor); But the problem is, after I change it, then when I move the mouse it changes back! What should I do? Thanks. [Edited by - daniel_i_l on August 10, 2006 5:37:13 PM]

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That's how SetCursor is supposed to work. You can fix that by changing cursor in your window class. But this is quite bad solution, since this will also change cursor for every window that has the same class.
Another (better) solution is to always reset cursor when it moves. For that, you can use WM_MOUSEMOVE message handler in your window proc. This has one advantage - you can test what is under your mouse and set cursor accordingly (e.g. if there's link under the cursor, use hand, otherwise use arrow).
Also, there's WM_SETCURSOR notification in which you can change cursor too.

if (useMyCursor)
return TRUE; // return true if you don't want to process this further
return FALSE;

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Setting the cursor in WM_MOUSEMOVE isn't a good idea, there's no guarantee that you won't get a WM_SETCURSOR first, which could cause Windows to switch to the default cursor then your cursor, causing flickering.

I always do this by setting the cursor in the window class - that's only a problem if you have multiple windows using the same window class (Which is rarely), and they all need different cursors (Which is pretty much never).

The proper place to se the cursor if you want to change cursor at runtime is in WM_SETCURSOR.

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