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[java] more than one MouseListener allowed in an applet?

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I have an applet that implements MouseListener. I have another class that this applet uses that also implements MouseLIstener but it doesnt seem to be working. i tried not implementing the 2nd class w/ mouseListener thinking that my applet-mouselistener would handle ALL mouse-events. but this doesnt seem to be the case either upon testing it. any insights?

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i have 3 classes.

1) A main class that extends Applet.
2) A Node class (to build a graph with) that extends a custom class, ImageNode.
3) ImageNode extends Component and implements MouseListener.

Within the Applet class I create several Nodes. Each Node has a draw function and draws itself (an image).

What I am trying to do is this:
When i click on the graphical Node and/or hover my mouse over it, I would like to handle the respective mouse event. However I am not getting any mouse events.
And yes, I did addMouseListener(this) within the ImageNode class!

Here's what does work:
If I implement MouseLIstener within the Applet class I get the mouse events. For example, when the applet start and i move my mouse over the applet's canvas, i get a mouseEntered event.

hope this makes my problem/situation clear.

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Okay, so I came up with a solution, albeit an ugly hack approach.

- I extended JApplet instead of Applet, and thus added each Node that i created to the current content panel.

jApplet.getContentPane().add( new Node() );

- CLass Node added the mouse listener with the 'this' reference within the constructor.

This was my weird result:
If I added 3 Nodes to my JApplet, the first two Nodes would receive the mouse events (a sound effect would play as feedback). However, the 3rd Node would not cause a mouse event to occur. Instead whenever I enter the JApplet itself with the mouse's cursor (it's content panel?) the mouse-event for the 3rd Node would occur.

I verified that it was the 3rd Node's mouse event upon the mouse-cursor entering the JApplet by printing out the mouseEvent.getSource().

So here was my hack solution:
I added an extra Node that is not rendered and does not have a mouse listener.
This weird hack allows all of my Nodes objects to react to mouse events while not allowing my JApplet contentpane itself to react to events.

strange indeed. i cant seem to debug this.

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