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Collision Detection Confusion

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I am just about to start my collision detection for my game. However I have come accross a few question that have been bothering me. Every entity is going to have a OBB arround it. Each entity is attatched to a node. 1) I am wondering how I might incorperate zones into my collision system since i already have nodes. I want zones because I will have many (projectiles in use at one time. Lets say 1000 for example and 128 sprites. Each sprite node would have 5 or so different nodes comming off it with its own entity attatch (lets say a gun or 5 in total). Since each on of these would be attatched to its own node ther would have to be 1000 * 128 (128 000) different checks that would have to be performed if I was using the nodes. I wouldnt have to worry about the 5 others because I would be checking if it collided with the sprite before i would check into the other 5. So I must have the zones. Like I said above I am not sure how to impliment them. - Would I just have each entity in a zone and totally forget about the node structure. So this way I might 1000 entites and 128 nodes but then each node would have another 5 I would have to check into. This way it would work out to be about 1000 projectiles 128 sprites and 640 sub sprites. Then I would just check collision on a per zone basis? Would there be a better way, so I would just have to check against the sprites instead of also each sub sprite. I am not sure how I would organise this? 2) Now I am sure that I would get many unwanted positive collision results because each gun's OBB would be overlapping the sprite's OBB. Now oviously we dont want this to happen. So how would I stop this from happening? I know that question #1 is kind of confusing since I can not really think of a better way of phrasing it (Very tired). So if you have any question or just need some more information I would be happy to reply! I guess I will also give you a simple layout of my node structure just to help clairify what I was saying in #1 ---------------------------------Root Node -------------------------------------| ----------Projectile, Projectile, Projectile,-----Sprite -----------------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------------Gun, Gun, Gun PS: can someone please tell me how to do the diagram above since the spaces would just disapear?

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