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Multiple Monitors

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Hello. I was trying to install another display adapter and monitor, so I could use multiple monitor debugging with DirectX. When I plugged in the new card (just a simple SVGA card with DirectDraw acceleration, a CompUSA brand thing) and I turned on the computer, it beeped a few times and did nothing, neither monitor worked. It didn't load anything first, so it must be a BIOS thing... It worked on another computer when I tested it, so does anybody have any idea why something like this wouldn't work?


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Check your bios. If you new card is an AGP, make sure you''re using is for POST (or whatever).

Boot using your good card, then windows will do the other one.

(Sorry, but this is all off the top of my head)


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When the motherboard beeps, it means that some hardware is not attached correctly on it.
Possibly, not all the pins of the card where attached on the slot. Simply attach the hardware more carefully.

Beyond that, check in the BIOS which card you want to boot with. AGP or PCI. However, on my PC, regardless the configuration i performed on the BIOS, after the boot, Windows98 were starting the PCI as the primary. The results.... if i boot with the AGP, with windows you don't get it work. However, if you boot with the PCI card, it will do just fine. In Win2000 pro. this bug is eliminated (thanks God

Note that, if you have the AGP and the PCI on the same bus, they will not work (only one will work). Therefore, don't place the PCI card on the PCI slot just below the AGP. Give a spare PCI slot... plug something else there

Hope these will help you out started...
PS1: Its a pain in the ass... trust me on that!

c 'ya

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