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First i would like to say. HELLO to you all because i am new here. I am not new to game-making. I always used gamemaker. But.... I want to create better games. Because gamemaker cant handle much. But now i want to ask. What is a good program to create games in? I have heard that c++ is the best. But also the hardest. I have c++ from www.bloodshed.net. Or does someone know beginner tutorials for c++? Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the site, and now a few questions for you...

1) Do you want to get into commercial game programming (i.e., work for some dev house?) -- if so, then you probably want to get some good C++ experience -- tutorials are -all- over the internet -- just type 'c++ tutorial' into google (that's one of the first things you need to get good at -- how to find things for yourself :))

If that's not the case (you just want to make games for fun) why not try learning C# -- it is a bit of a cleaner, easier to use language than C++ and it is still very powerful.

2) If you do decide on learning C++, bear in mind that there is a standard and different IDEs and compilers will implement it differently -- also, code compiled and created on one machine will usually not function on other platforms -- this can be an issue for some people. If you want to do Windows Dev (like D3D and that sort of thing...), Microsoft is letting people download Visual C++ express edition (a very powerful C++ system) for free right now (and into the foreseeable future) it has heaps of support, thousands of people use it (many around here as well), and a great debugger -- this is not laying any bad mojo on Dev-C++, just that if you want to do commercial coding...many companies use Microsoft systems and it's advantageous to get used to their systems.

Otherwise, welcome again and if you have any more questions, let us know!


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Thank you for the handy links :D

Thanks for the welcome :D
Here are your answers:
1:I want to get into commercial games programming but my parents wont allow me to :(
So i have to wait that i am 18. (I am 14 years old now)

2:I use dev-c++ now and the compiler mingw.
And thanks for the tip.
Now i am downloading.
Visual c++ express 2005.

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Original post by zyvolution
I want to get into commercial games programming but my parents wont allow me to
You should tell your parents that they should support what you love to do as opposed to what they want you to do, a career is something you that you enjoy. Not to mention you can get a degree in Computer Science and still get a job in game programming. Along with having a degree in computer science you will also learn more things then stuff just game programming related.

This can be extremely useful if you ever decide later in your life to change your career path. You also might inform them that the game development industry currently makes more money then the entire movie industry.

I find it disappointing that parents would not support what you really want to do. Setting goals like that is the only way people get any better as human beings. Its true getting into the game industry is extremely difficult how ever, requires lots of time, effort, and good education.

Also, when you download the VC++ Express Edition, make sure you get the correct platform SDK and follow the steps very precisely, read the instructions, including those on the platform SDK.

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I started to create games when i whas 12 years old i used gamemaker.
They said it whas ok.
But one year later i had a computer crash because of a worm virus.
And they tought it whas caused by ne because i create games.
Then they said i would never create a game again....
So i didnt like that.
And i bought a usb stick,
So i could download c++ gamemaker etc.
They dont know nothing about it and i want to keep it right that.
Maybe i am getting a laptop soon then i can create games and learn c++ everywhere :D

Now i use visual c++ 2005 express.

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