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get my Lode Runner upgraded

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ok actually i just want to reply my old post but i get informed that my old post has been retired so i have to open a new one and this post belongs to an old one but i just want to inform ur guys i get this game upgraded a little ;) now in the stage there is also a bad guy named Mr. bone who will stop u to get all treasures. just click here and cuz' i love Lode Runner so much so i decide to add more new features into this game. later we will see(or may not see hah): 1 get some bugs fixed.(like collision problem for current version) 2 more stages and more enemies; 3 enemies may look more intellegence; 4 more actions for both player and enemies; How to play: double click the file if u had flash player 7 or higher installed, otherwise drag it into ur web browser like IE. and use ur keyboard with keys listed below: W Climb the ladder up. A Move left. S Move right. D Climb the ladder down or drop from top. J Dig left. K Dig right.

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