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How I can execute Javascript into Perl?

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Original post by TomS
"I don't know how I can execute an event of javascript into a link in a program in Perl.
This event of javascript have executed a function that return a HTML page.
Anybody know how I can it?

Is it possible do it this?:

$datos=$datos.""<a href='"" . $me . ""?C=OFERTAS2&EMPRESA="".$empresa_param.""&NREF="".$nref.""' onMouseOver=""linkFTecnica(nref2)"">"";

What is bad in this code?

Thank you very much. "

The forum uses HTML for links, so you need to use &lt; and &gt; instead of < and >.

In your actual Perl code, you should use &amp;EMPRESA= instead of just &EMPRESA=, otherwise your resulting HTML code will be malformed. You need single quotes around the onMouseOver attribute really, instead of double quotes as you have used (which I imagine is confusing Perl).

I don't know what exactly you want to do with this code, but it should work after fixing the above issues…

I'm confused why you have double quotes in your Perl code, and why you have quote marks surrounding your whole post.

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