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14 year old


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Zahlman    1682
You're iteratively choosing a position until you find one where the type is *not* 1. Then you set it to 2.

What do the different type values mean? What types correspond to the empty squares (you should loop until the type is in that set)? What type corresponds to the computer pieces (you should set to that type)? Hint: What happens if a square is chosen and its type currently is 2?

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jyk    2094
Original post by 14 year old


Never Mind this was a stupid questiona and I just realized my error srry for the useless post.
Generally it's best to leave the original question posted; that way, others can benefit from the answers as well. And don't worry about it being a 'stupid question'. Even assuming there are such things, no one here would hold it against you :)

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