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Samurai Jack

Game init error handling

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Greetings! I have some problems with error handling. The problem lies in the code because it looks ungly. Like this: bool InitApplication() { if( InitVideo() == false ) { logWrite("Video init failed.\n"); return false; } else logWrite("Video init successful.\n"); if( AudioInit() == false ) { logWrite("Audio init failed.\n"); return false; } else logWrite("Audio init successful.\n"); return true; } should I use macros like: logAssert( InitVideo(), "Video init" ); logAssert( InitAudio(), "Audio init" ); or should i take exceptions? is there a better way to do it?

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One way that I like doing initialization( If I understand your 'problem' correctly) is to have a gamestate class like this:

class CGameState
virtual bool Init() =0;
virtual bool ShutDown() =0;

virtual bool Update() =0;
virtual bool Render() =0;

virtual bool Minimize() =0;
virtual bool Restore() =0;

virtual bool TakeInput() =0;

and all of each states initialization code is in the Init()... but if your just trying to clean up your code, I would make an abstract class with pure virtual methods to represent each system, ie video,sound, input all inherit from it and then all you do is :

ISystem* video = new Graphics(...);
ISystem* sound = new Audio(...);
ISystem* input = new Input(...);

//Now you could've just made it all an array of ISystems and then just for thru
//them, but Im not, that way I know what I've inited etc.

//And then you just call sound, video, and input's 'special' methods for what //their job is etc. As for error checking, just build in some virtual=0; methods
// into ISystme.

I hope that was enough to help you there =D

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I'd do something like:

bool LogInit ( bool b, string name )
if ( b )
LogSuccess ( "%s Initalized", name.c_str() );
LogError ( "%s failed to Initalize", name.c_str() );
return b;

and call it like:

bool Init ( )
bool rVal = true;
rVal &=LogInit ( GraphicsInit(), "Graphics Engine" );
rVal &=LogInit ( SoundInit(), "Sound Engine" );
return rVal;

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