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simple openGL game

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Hangman, but you could easily do that with different library.

What games have you made already?

I mean opengl is capable of making great games, usually you start using opengl for games the require you to draw/render faster.

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I also recommend pong, even more than the other types of basic games since you can focus more on the graphics/opengl part than gameplay (it seems that is what you are getting at). It's not like can't have a Particle Engine and all that fancy stuff just because it's pong. People have done amazing things to pong.

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IMO: Try something static first , that is a game with no moving objects. If you want a really, really simple project you're probably not ready for pong, tetris, arconid, etc.

The steps are these:
1. Learn language => text-based games
2. Learn drawing, windows => static games (TicTacToe)
3. Learn animation => arcade games

One problem for newbies (as me) is breaking down the goal into single steps.

For example:
I. Can you draw in a window? Yes => go to IV / No => go to II
II. Can you initialise your graphics libary? Yes => go to I / No => go to III
III. Can you can comple and run a hello world program? >Yes => go to II / No => buy a book on programming
IV. Can you read keyboard / mouse input? ....

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