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A Solution to Server IP Changes?

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So I've made a multiplayer game, and since I don't want to pay for a server I'm hosting the game on my LAN. The problem is, I have DSL, so occassionally my IP will change. This poses the question: How do I keep the client informed of what IP to access? One thing I do have is a website with a static IP. My plan is to have a file on the website listing the IP of the server. The server will access the website's FTP every 10 minutes or so and update the file with the correct IP. Instead of the client accessing a single hard-coded IP, it will access the website file and read the IP from there. Would this plan work? Are there any obvious security holes I should be aware of? Also, does anyone know where I might find a tutorial explaining how to do something like this? I'm using Java. Thanks!

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