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30 to 40 low poly weapon models

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We are looking to purchase 30 to 40 low poly weapon models to be converted to Torque DTS format and resold as content packs. Bids are being accepted now for all or partial fulfillment. Please direct questions to Specific weapons needed: M16 M4 M14 M60 SAW AK47 AK74 Dragunov WA-2000 VSS Ventorez CZ 61 MK223 Galil Mossberg 590 HK G33K A3 HK G36K HK MP5 HK PSG1 HK UMP HK USP HK Mk23 Uzi Berretta 92 Steyr SBS Tactical FAMAS 62 FN P-90 Desert Eagle .50 cal Preferred options: Silencers Tactical scopes Large sniper scopes Ammo casings Associated magazines Animation: activate, deactivate, reload, idle, walk, shoot

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