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MAYA and Actionscript Coding Lab NYC

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Contact us: Become a member of the NYC Actionscript and MEL(CGI) coding lab. *Come and have your coding problems solve Hi, excuse me! 1. Are you certain of finding an animation job if you have the good luck to finish school, with a huge student loan to pay back? 2. Won’t the best jobs be held by those who were wiser than you, who were smart to join the Anigriv TM Actionscript and MAYA MEL Coding support group? each one teach one. Learning from your peers. 3. What chance do you have in getting major contract or working for a major studio after your schooling without a strong actionscript OR MEL coding skill sets? 4. Are you sure your family is willing and is able to sufficiently provide for you until you land the animation gig you are destine to have or will you and your parents start squabbling over finances?(Don’t open old wounds). 5. Are your savings enough to support you before you secure your entry level “slavery” job not to speak of the on going exodus of animation jobs that are flooding out of the nation, as a result of cheap labor oversea? 6. Or will you and your BFA or MFA be reduced to folding apparel at the GAP? You know what to do, kid

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