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Hello there, New to the forum. Can u advise on the following please ? I have developped a software which manage different kind of media through a library tree and through playlist. These playlists are set for a group which contain users. So all the users of the group can retrieve the same playlist and thus also the same media. Those users are in fact "the player" part of the software which just retrieve the playlist and media and play them back. Now for some reasons i ve migrated the databse from access to sql; especially to enable multiuser. -------------------Now the Intro of the Question-------------- i d like multiple admin to access the group management and thus the possibility of modyfying the media in the playlist for each groups. Now what happen if admin1 is accessing the group and in this group he is editing one media from the playlist to modify some properties...and at the same time admin2 is accessing this same media (in read only of course) and while admin2 is looking at the property...admin1 is deleting this media... -------------------Now the Real question---------------------- I d like to use sockets to enable all admin "talk" to each other on what they are doing on the database...however i d like to know how the databse should notify the "socket" that something happened ??? thanks for helping on that topic.

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