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Where to start with L#?

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I've been learning Scheme for a while. I just never had anything much to do with it. I made a program that finds factorial number X and a couple other simple things like that. Then L# caught my eye; it seemed usefull (creating GUI applications) and a good thing to learn (I have no experience with .NET). Now I've downloaded it, read through the information on L#'s homepage, and "Hello, world." and whatnot. Now, I *still* don't know what to do. I don't know any .NET classes or anything like that, so I'm not sure where to go next. When I search for .NET information, I get tutorials for C# or VB that have some of the information I'm looking for (the information that works with L#), but it's buried in mounds of C# or VB that I really would rather not sift through. An MSDN search turned up only a little more. Anyone know where I can find some language-independent .NET information? Anything else pretaining to L# would be great, too. Thanks in advanced.

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Hi. The first thing to do will be to get yourself acquainted with .NET. One way to do this is to design your application and decide what features you want it have, how you wish it to act and what you expect the operating evnironment to provide for your application. With this in mind you should search the documentation seeking infromation on some attribute you wish. The MSDN documentation should be a sufficient place to begin. In general the class libraries can be accessed from L# as naturally as from C#, translating those code snippets from one to another should be trivial if not mechanical. i.e
(= stream (CreateText File saveFileDialog1.FileName)) 

instead of

StreamReader stream = File.CreateText(saveFileDialog1.FileName);
As for L#, it is an Arc motivated Scheme like, own language. It is neither lisp nor scheme but yet another variant. Last I looked at it I do not think it is a production ready language, there is no guranteed backwards compatibility as there may be future changes that may break past code. As well, I do not think it is meant to be, at least not at this stage, a main language but rather, shines as an embedded language to be used from some application.

If you wish to do GUI consider C# or Boo as the host application (through SharpDevelop 2) since otherwise, creating gui apps will be tedious.

For example youll have to go (not full code/not guranteed to work)
(reference "System.Windows.Forms")
(using "System.Windows.Forms")

(= form (new Form))
(= form.Width 100)
(= form.Height 100)
(= form.Text "fdf")

(= main_menu_bar (= form.Menu (new MainMenu)) )
do (Run Application form)
Not worth it for gui I dont think, especially since the language is not at all compiled and entirely interpreted. Doing console apps should be pretty straightforward however.

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