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pitch black shadows [SOLVED]

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Hi, Well, just got my shadowmapping working, but i'm having the problem that the shadows are 100$ black, and i wanted them to blend with the surfaces below them. gl_ambient_shadow is not an option because of the poor support, so i'm tryng to get it working in a shader. This is where the problem begins, my shader looks like this :

uniform sampler2D shadowMap;

void main ()

 const float fvalue = 0.2;
 vec4 color = gl_Color;
 vec4 ProjMapColor = texture2D(shadowMap,gl_TexCoord[0].st);
 if (ProjMapColor[3] >= 0.8 ) 
    gl_FragColor = color*fvalue;


All i get with that shader is that, instead of having 100% black shadows now i have a dark grey instead. What could be wrong here ? [edit].., I just forgot to uncomment blending before rendering eheh thanks, Bruno [Edited by - Bruno on September 6, 2006 4:06:08 AM]

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