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Welcome to Planet Robotopia!

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Welcome to Planet Robotopia! Hello Folks, We would love to hear any Input you might have about our New Game "Robotopia". Let me know if you enjoy the online, side scrolling, Mech piloting, Laser sword slashing, Old school Platforming, Neo Retro Goodness that is Robotopia! Kisguri of Gamesare Studios --SCREENSHOTS AND DOWNLOAD Ordering Info --THE GAME Robotopia is an all action, fast paced shooter that takes you online to stage epic battles that span across a beautiful multi-scrolling world. Here you can play flag games where players battle to hold points across the landscape. Or play as bounty hunter where allegiances can be made as players fight for robo currency. Either way you are going to be caught up in some intense action making strong allies and fierce enemies! If going online immediately seems a bit daunting, get stuck into the one player game that is designed to train you in the art or robo destruction. Here you will meet a variety of drones and soldiers who will test your skills and increase your robot's performance through an RPG style experience system. Through the stages you will realize there are many moves to master such as the teleport technique and the deadly and spectacular energy blade that can deflect your enemies bullets as well as cause some serious cutting damage. --FEATURES All versions get -Fast, playable and chaotic; massive online or single player gaming! -Fully upgradeable and totally customizable robots grow with your skill level! -A beautiful world of unique style and immense detail! -Highly compelling puzzle game which rewards players with gold. -Shop allows players to purchase formidable and tactical weapons. Upgrading to Full Version gets -Super-Bombs that inflict lasting, status damage to enemies! -Take on all 1P missions and defeat the bosses for Gold! -Several varied worlds to explore with more to come! -Obtain more customisable items for your robot! -Build a Robot to unlimited levels of power! -free upgrades for every player (New patches including New Levels, etc) --MORE INFO The demo is free to download, you can play the single player mode intill you Robo reaches Level 10 at which point the game resets, You can also play Online for 30 minutes before the game resets, Help Support this game but registering yours for 17.95 to get access to all the upper levels, powers, Weapons and all the online boards for as long as you fragging want to! Visit to Register your copy now! Directed by........ Steve Miller & David Miller Concept, Programming, Sound Effects, Music........ Steve Miller Concept, Design, Graphics, Level Design, Animation........ David Miller Produced by........ Gamesare Studios

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