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OpenGL Crash in SwapBuffer after resizing under Visual Studio 2005

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Hi, I've compiled lesson20 sample under Visual Studio 2005. It works bud by resizing it crashes in SwapBuffers(hdc); I naven't problems with this sample under Studio 6 and Studio 2003. Thanks! This is sample code: int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance, // Instance HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, // Previous Instance LPSTR lpCmdLine, // Command Line Parameters int nCmdShow) // Window Show State { MSG msg; // Windows Message Structure BOOL done=FALSE; // Bool Variable To Exit Loop // Ask The User Which Screen Mode They Prefer if (MessageBox(NULL,"Would You Like To Run In Fullscreen Mode?", "Start FullScreen?",MB_YESNO|MB_ICONQUESTION)==IDNO) { fullscreen=FALSE; // Windowed Mode } // Create Our OpenGL Window if (!CreateGLWindow("NeHe's Masking Tutorial",640,480,16,fullscreen)) { return 0; // Quit If Window Was Not Created } while(!done) // Loop That Runs While done=FALSE { if (PeekMessage(&msg,NULL,0,0,PM_REMOVE)) // Is There A Message Waiting? { if (msg.message==WM_QUIT) // Have We Received A Quit Message? { done=TRUE; // If So done=TRUE } else // If Not, Deal With Window Messages { TranslateMessage(&msg); // Translate The Message DispatchMessage(&msg); // Dispatch The Message } } else // If There Are No Messages { // Draw The Scene. Watch For ESC Key And Quit Messages From DrawGLScene() if ((active && !DrawGLScene()) || keys[VK_ESCAPE]) // Active? Was There A Quit Received? { done=TRUE; // ESC or DrawGLScene Signalled A Quit } else // Not Time To Quit, Update Screen { SwapBuffers(hDC); // Swap Buffers (Double Buffering) if (keys[' '] && !sp) // Is Space Being Pressed? { sp=TRUE; // Tell Program Spacebar Is Being Held scene=!scene; // Toggle From One Scene To The Other } if (!keys[' ']) // Has Spacebar Been Released? { sp=FALSE; // Tell Program Spacebar Has Been Released } if (keys['M'] && !mp) // Is M Being Pressed? { mp=TRUE; // Tell Program M Is Being Held masking=!masking; // Toggle Masking Mode OFF/ON } if (!keys['M']) // Has M Been Released? { mp=FALSE; // Tell Program That M Has Been Released } if (keys[VK_F1]) // Is F1 Being Pressed? { keys[VK_F1]=FALSE; // If So Make Key FALSE KillGLWindow(); // Kill Our Current Window fullscreen=!fullscreen; // Toggle Fullscreen / Windowed Mode // Recreate Our OpenGL Window if (!CreateGLWindow("NeHe's Masking Tutorial",640,480,16,fullscreen)) { return 0; // Quit If Window Was Not Created } } } } } // Shutdown KillGLWindow(); // Kill The Window return (msg.wParam); // Exit The Program }

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