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Help with Per Pixel Fog in HLSL

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hmm i think it's not in the samples because it's a quite simple effect and is quite straight forward:

if you have a fogstart float ,a fogend float and the fogcolor you can just do sth like this("color" is the usual color that this pixel would have without the fog and "depth" is the pixel's depth)

endColor=lerp(color,fogcolor,(depth-fogstart)/(fogend-fogstart)); //endColor is the color that should be written to the backbuffer

i think i got everything right.

Edit: ok i think i should explain the solution:

Simple Fog means that you want to interpolate between the color that the pixel would have without fog("color") and the fogcolor(that's the color when a pixel is 100% fogged:"fogcolor"). The HLSL command for interpolating is lerp(x1,x2,factor). The first to parameters are the values you want to interpolate("color,"fogcolor"), and the factor is a value between 0 and 1(when factor=0, color will be returned;factor=1 fogcolor will be returned;everything inbetween:a mix of both colors will be returned).

The factor depends on the pixel's depth and on fogstart and fogend. (depth-fogstart) tells how much this pixel is in the fog-volume but we have to scale this value because we want a value between 0 and 1 as a factor. So we divide the value by the length of the fog volume(along the depth), which is the difference between fogstart and fogend.


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Hmm, I do like this in my Vertex Shader

half4 Po = half4(,1.0);
half3 Pw = mul(Po, World).xyz;
float dist = distance(ViewInv[3].xyz,Pw);
OUT.fogLerpParam = saturate((dist-gFogStart) / gFogRange);

And following in my PixShader
half4 result = lerp((SurfColor*map*(Kd*diffContrib+AmbiColor)) + specContrib + reflColor,float4(1,1,1,1),IN.fogLerpParam);

where float(1,1,1,1) is fogColor.

But this is per vertex fog huu ???

Sorry for being a newbee but, where do I get "depth" from your sample ?

Thanks for all help!

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