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Average gaming bandwidth per player?

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Hello guys, after reading many posts inside this forum I have found that my particular question does not seem to crop up in anybodies minds? I am trying start a LAN gaming shop. My partner and I are boggled as to how fast of an internet connection we need for the people who would like to play mmo's and other online games. We have a gigabit network established and have 16 computers of which at any time all 16 may or may not be playing mmo's or other high internet traffic games. So this brings us to our question. How can we find out the average bandwidth needed per player for these games, or if we cannot get an average, how can we find out the upload bandwidth per game? Pretty much, we are trying to find out if 7mb download 1mb upload, or 4mb download 2mb upload will be adequate for our computers. Thank you all for your time. T

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