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[web] Asp .net and client callbacks not working correctly

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I am trying to implement client callback in ASP.NET. I've been using the following tutorial as a reference: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178210.aspx I got it working just fine. But here's my problem. My RaiseCallbackEvent function looks like this:
[source lang="C#]

public void RaiseCallbackEvent(String eventArgument)
      returnValue = GetNewMapUrl(eventArgument);

Now inside GetNewMapUrl, if all I have it do is return "junk" or some other random string, it works perfectly and inside my website I have an alert go off that returns the string returnValue from the server. No problem here. But my GetNewMapUrl is suppose to generate a new url string from MapPoint and return it to the client. So whenever I put this code in, the callback stops working. I know that the MapPoint code takes about 3-5 seconds to execute b/c of talking to the Microsoft servers, but why would this stop my callback from working? Here is the version of GetNewMapUrl that works:
public string GetNewMapUrl(string coordinates)
      return "some string";

Here is the version that stops the callback from working.
public string GetNewMapUrl(string coordinates)
        // parse coordinates string to get lattitude and longitude
        string[] coords = coordinates.Split(',');
        double NELong = double.Parse(coords[0]);
        double NELat = double.Parse(coords[1]);
        double SWLong = double.Parse(coords[2]);
        double SWLat = double.Parse(coords[3]);

        // set coordinates for map
        ViewByBoundingRectangle[] myViews = new ViewByBoundingRectangle[1];
        myViews[0] = new ViewByBoundingRectangle();
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle = new LatLongRectangle();
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle.Northeast = new LatLong();
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle.Southwest = new LatLong();
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle.Northeast.Longitude = NELong;
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle.Northeast.Latitude = NELat;
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle.Southwest.Longitude = SWLong;
        myViews[0].BoundingRectangle.Southwest.Latitude = SWLat;

        // set map specifications
        MapSpecification mapSpec = new MapSpecification();
        mapSpec.DataSourceName = "MapPoint.NA";
        mapSpec.Views = myViews;
        mapSpec.Options = new MapOptions();
        mapSpec.Options.Style = MapStyle.Terrain;
        mapSpec.Options.Format = new ImageFormat();
        mapSpec.Options.Format.Width = 600;
        mapSpec.Options.Format.Height = 400;
        mapSpec.Options.ReturnType = MapReturnType.ReturnUrl;

        MapImage[] mapImages = render.GetMap(mapSpec);

        return mapImages[0].Url;

If I put a return statement right before the line: MapImage[] mapImages = render.GetMap(mapSpec); The function completes correctly and the client gets a callback. But if render.GetMap is allowed to execute it doesn't work. Also, I already know that the above code works because I execute it upon startup and have no problems at all. Anybody have any ideas?

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