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Adding a platform to .NET

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It it possible to add a custom "platform" to .NET 2005. If I have a custom compile process that outputs say .xyz files instead of .exe, can get .NET to recognise these as a an executable for the "XYZ" platform. So my project has has debug/release configurations for the Win32 platform and also has debug/release XYZ ? And then when I press F5 when the curreent platform is XYZ it will invoke my custom debugger on the .xyz that was output ? The configuration manager has a "new..." option in the platform column but it only gives you a fixed list of platforms you can create (x64, PocketPC, etc.). Is there anyway to add XYZ to this list ? Even if I can't create a custom platform is there anyway to set-up a custom debugger (so that when I try and debug a .xyz file it will automatically open c:\program files\xyz\XYZDebugger.exe and pass it the .xyz file).

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