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improvement for 2d eating game on mobile

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i am currently making a 2d eating game for mobile. the game requires user to input line of number to consume the food,the number of line is depend on the level,the food will slide in from right screen and disappear in the left screen. Anyone has any improvement for this game i am making? thank in advance.

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Different gameplay modes: Eat the max in an allotted time, or eat a fixed amount as fast as possible. Multiplayer mode over the phone network is also a possibility if you know how to implement it, though I'm not sure how many people would bother with multiplayer for a game with such a simple concept. Still, it's a thought.

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i no implementing multiplayer function because i only have like less than 2 months to do it and this is the first time i doing a moblie game.

edit: Also , can you all help in thinking out the title for this game? the main character for this game will be a girl, and the theme is about eating so the audio maybe in some hip hop rythem.

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This is a joke, right? A game about a girl eating and whatnot? This has got to be a joke, or maybe my humor is just warped.

If it's not a joke, name the game "Chow Down!" See, you've got a reference to eating, as well as a reference to hip hop culture with the word "down."

my 2 cents.

Edit: After thinking for about 5 seconds on how I would make an eating game for the mobile phone:

First of all, create different nutritional values for the foods to be eaten.

Then, create a scoring mechanism based on nutrition, weight preferences, and food preferences, fat/muscle mass, total happiness with the diet. These are added together to create the total player score.

Then, create personas to play as the eater, 5-30, or something, with each having different preferences and activity profiles.

For example:

Kathy is an anorexic. She currently weighs 120 pounds. She would like to weigh 100 pounds. She doesn't care about her fat/muscle ratio. She runs one mile a day. She loves chocolate.

Bob is a Football player. He weighs 180 pounds. He would like to weigh 210 pounds. He excercises strenously 2 hours a day, and lifts weights. He would like to have more muscle mass. He loves beef.

(Food is presented randomly to the player, maybe 3 food items appear for one second and the player must pick one to eat. The final score depends on final weight, heathiness, goals met, happiness, and etc. For example, Kathy doesn't care about being healthy, but being at or below 100 pounds would give a huge bonus. For Bob, increasing muscle mass significantly, with his excercise regimen, would yield a high score.)

Then just list high scores with the personas with which the scores were scored.

Player 1: Hey, I scored 1450 with Bob!
Player 2: That's nothing, I scored 1800 with Kathy.

(or the player competes with him/herself)

So the challenge is picking among the various food offerings. For instance,

Offering 1
1: Chocolate Mousse
2: Saltine Crackers
3: A T-bone Steak

Here's a strategy question for Kathy. Chocolate makes her happy, but saltine crackers have less nutritional value and will help her lose weight. For Bob, the choice is obvious, he loves beef, and he takes the steak.

Offering 2 (offerings are randomized based on a list of food items)
1: Cheeseburger and Fries
2: Chicken with Brown Rice and Steamed Vegetables
3: A stick of String Cheese

Now, Bob loves beef, but meal #2, being full of protein goodness, might help him more, depending on if he needs happiness or food to meet his goal. For Kathy, #3 is the most appealing option for her diet plan, but if she is growing severely unhealthy, #2 might be a better option. Option #1, for Kathy, would of course decrease her happiness rate, knowing she's eating a "bad food."

[Edited by - thundergunslinger on September 8, 2006 11:11:37 PM]

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