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Problem with welding the vertices of a mesh

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Hi i created a mesh which contains duplicated vertices. so i welded the vertex data using the D3DXWeldVertices() function. in the runtime i'm getting an Debug Error: Damage after normal block (#895) at a memory location. using the debug mode i found that the weldfunction causes the problem the code
        LPD3DXMESH pTempMesh;

	// Weld the vertices to remove the duplicated vertex
	// Set the epsilons to 0.001

	float *pFloats = (float*) &WeldEpsilons;

	// Initialise all the members of the D3DXWELDEPSILONS to have a     
        //tolerance value of 0.001
	for (i=0; i<sizeof (D3DXWELDEPSILONS) / sizeof (float); i++)
		*pFloats++ = 1e-3f;

	// Weld the vertex data
	if (FAILED (D3DXWeldVertices(pTempMesh,
                                     D3DXWELDEPSILONS_WELDPARTIALMATCHES |	    
		pTempMesh -> Release ();
		return false;

Please help me

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