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[.net] Top 5 of how to improve an MDX application's performance?

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Hi all I would like to know what you guys think is on the top 5 of how to improve the performance of an MDX application, and explain why it is an improvement. EDIT: I have today changed my render loop to the one Tom Miller explains here with the many discussions found here regards [Edited by - thallish on September 8, 2006 2:43:01 AM]

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So, one thing I've been doing a lot lately is analyzing the memory profile of applications and tuning that. The relevant tool is CLR Profiler (1.1 here). This thing allows you to see the exact allocation behavior of your app, when and how often GCs are happening, and what generations are getting collected when. You can also see what's in the generational heap and what's in LOH.

Second, read. The blogs I keep track of:
Rico Mariani
Yun Jin
Josh Williams
Enterprise Performance Tools Team
Jono's Blog (performance category)

There are also other tidbits on MSDN, like the CLR Inside Out series.

Third, remember that all performance tips about unmanaged D3D still apply. Read all of the relevant presentations that ATI and NVIDIA put out.

[Edited by - Promit on September 9, 2006 9:59:42 PM]

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