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Writing a renderer from scratch - resource gathering.

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Hi, I've been tasked with writing a renderer from scratch for an upcoming project. The renderer must - be written in Directx 9.0c. - be completely shader based (i.e. absolutely no fixed function pipeline allowed). - run in a thread concurrent with the main logic thread, rendering at 60fps (V-Synced) and have the possibility to update the logic and physics faster if necessary. - handle multiple viewports. - handle multiple resolutions. Now none of this is partiularly complex but I'd like to know as much about these different areas and more importantly getting them integrated together before I make a leap into writing any code. The multiple viewports and resolutions is a bit of a basic step and was an afterthought for this thread the real focus of my research is going to be writing a renderer which can efficiently sort the rendering of objects to minimise state changes and obviously avoiding the dreaded deadlock. I'm aware of a few techniques regarding double buffered game states etc. which can be used but I'm open to other techniques too so that I can make the best choice on what suits our needs. So if anyone has any advice on writing such a system or links to resources or recommendations for books I should look to aquire the input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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