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AutoFire 2007 Shooter Coding Competition launches

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Shmup-dev announced on Sept 1st the start of their shooter competition dubbed "AutoFire 2007 Shooter Competition". The competition will run from September 1, 2006 through January 1st, 2007 and will focus on shooter games; mainly 2D shooters from the Shoot 'em Up genre. There will be many prizes with the grand prize being $250.00 in cash. The competition focuses on any aspect of the shooter genre with the exception it must be from a 2D Perspective. Of course, 3D Graphics are welcome! The game must feature an autofire weapon of some sort for the main character. It can either be the primary and only weapon, a powerup, or a weapon upgrade, or anything else you can muster up. The Competition setting is whatever any entrant desires, including the game style, and how the game plays. Judges will be rating the games on originality, best graphics, best sound, and the best of the best. As an side note, there is a need for additional judges, so if you think you might make a good game judge, this may be your big chance.

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