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DX SDK question

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[EDIT] Never mind - seems to work Following a bit of a disaster, I need to reinstall the DX SDK tonight. What I was wondering was this - is it still possible to get hold of and install the earliest non-beta DirectX 9 SDK? The reason I ask is that I figure I don't need any of the latest features in the stuff I am doing, and I also figure that if I compiled against the earliest possible DirectX 9 SDK, rather than have to mess about shipping an installer for the latest DirectX run-time, I could just state that DirectX 9 was a minimum requirement and forget about it. I'm not talking about commercial releases - just daft free games to put in the GD showcase or on my site. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul [EDIT] Actually, just found this. If I install this and build my D3D9 apps against it, would that imply that anyone with DirectX 9.0 runtime or any later version would be able to run it as-is? Appreciate there are other .dlls I need to ship with a visual C++ app for the C runtime but it would really simplify things for me. [EDIT] Well, all seems to be okay. I've built my old app against the SDK above and dumpbin seems to think that d3d9.dll is sufficient to run it so I can only assume this is okay until I can test against another computer on Monday. [Edited by - EasilyConfused on September 8, 2006 3:01:50 PM]

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