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New Project, Need some advice

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Well as of right now I'm raising funds for a online RPG I have been thinking about. But before I do anything I need to understand how to write out a plan. Is there any information on this site as far as developing a project? I will be outsourcing, but want it to be professional and neat. Thanks for the information.

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This is probably flame-bait, but never mind. When you say plan, I assume you're talking about a business plan (since you're raising cash). If you're just looking for info on Game Design Documents, you're probably in the wrong forum.

1. You're looking at raising cash (presumably from investors) to do a MMOG.
- If you don't know how to do biz-plans,
this book come recommended by a friend of mine. Haven't tried it myself, so your milage may wary.
- Be aware that most VCs/Angels didn't get rich by being dumb, so raising cash is a non-trivial exercise.
- Focus on the 3 things investors care about: ROI, Exit, and Risk. To put it differently; "If I give you 1 Million dollars, how much will I get back (ROI)?. How long til I get it back (exit)? What's the chance that you'll loose all or parts of it (risk)?".

2. The Project itself (from an investor point of view)
- God and his dog is currently doing an Online RPG. What makes yours special?
- What's your background and experience? Do you have a skilled team behind you? Do you have people with proven ability in key positions?
- What's the projected earnings of this project/company? What happens if the game is a flop?
- How do you plan to exit this deal (i.e. how and when do I get rich[er]?)

3. On Outsourcing Development:
- Have you done outsourcing before? Do you have the key lead art/lead tech that will help ensure quality on the outsourcing job?
- If you're outsourcing overseas, do you have senior managment with experience in the country? Doing business as a foreigner in a low-cost country (for example China or India) can be a scary proposition.
- What percentage of the project will be outsourced? What's your risk-mitigation if the outsourcing company screws up?

Good luck,


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