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Webventure - Web-Based Text Adventures

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A while back I announced the Webventure project and set up a web site for testing. After I lost the most current version of the source in a server glitch, the site was put on hiatus while I rewrote most of the system from scratch. It's ready to go public again, and I registered a domain name to celebrate. Webventure is a Web-based adventure game system. If you've ever played games like Zork, you'll understand how it works. If not, there's a beginner's manual to help you get started. The first game developed in Webventure, "The Silent Partner," is back online and ready to play. The site also provides a Web-based editor so you can create and publish your own games. Anyone who registers a free account can take a shot at writing one. Just log in to your account and go to your portfolio to get started. The developer's manual is available here. All game data (excluding images) is stored in an XML file. If you'd prefer to edit your game file offline, you can write your own XML and upload it to the site. You can download the source for "The Silent Partner" here. Among the features I've added since the previous version: * The online editor * Better image support * Scoring system * Resizeable game window * More scripting commands * Scripts are compiled to bytecode when the game starts * Players can save games This is the first public release of version 0.5, so I expect people will find bugs I didn't anticipate. Any feedback is appreciated. I'm especially interested in comments about the editor and suggestions for improvements.

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