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OpenGL OpenGL/Managed C++ Debug Problem

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Hi All, I'm currently writing a Windows Forms application in C++ with managed extensions which uses OpenGl. Actually the project is more of a conversion -- I'm trying to get an existing library (which uses OpenGL internally) to work with .NET. All is going fairly well -- I have OpenGL rendering onto a form or control just fine. The problem comes when I run my application in the debugger. When I step through the code it occasionally (and quite randomly) hangs inside the call to ChoosePixelFormat(). I'm informed in the output window that a Win32 thread has exited (its not one of my threads though and always happens even when the code doesn't hang) and the program just stops working -- no exceptions or anything, it just stays in that function indefinately with the debugger informing me that the program is still running. I think that the mixed mode debugger has problems tracing the call-stack because the current function is usually given as 0x0000000() inside ChoosePixelFormat, occasionally I have caught the real call-stack and its about 20 functions deep, ending inside kernel32.dll. At first I thought it was just the act of initialising on a form but even if I create a native window using the raw Win32 API and initialise GL, it still hangs. In a pure unmanaged application it all works fine - it just seems to be the presence of the managed debugger that makes it all go pear-shaped. Has any one got any ideas or encountered a similar problem? I have heard of driver issues (I've have the latest NVidia drivers), conflicts with networking adapters and multicore processors (I'm using an AMD 3800 X2) but no solid explanation for what is going on. arm. Note: I wasn't quite sure if this is thread is better suited to OpenGL or the .Net forum. Feel free to move it mods. [Edited by - arm on September 10, 2006 4:54:14 AM]

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