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nvidia cgc 1.5 hangs??

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I have a vertex shader that compiles without problems with cgc 1.4.1 but when i try to compile it with cgc 1.5 (beta 1 or 2), cgc hangs (100% cpu) and never compiles the program, it only output the name of the input file and stops there without ever finishing, im using vs_1_1 cgc 1.4.1 doesnt have any profileopts for it cgc 1.5 has a profileopt for max constant register, which i set to 255 any ideas??? :( :( here is the program (not mine)
struct VS_INPUT
    float3  Position   : POSITION;
    float3  Normal     : NORMAL;
    float2  Tex0       : TEXCOORD0;
    float4  Weights    : TEXCOORD1;
    float4  Indices    : TEXCOORD2;    

struct VS_OUTPUT
    float4  Pos     : POSITION;
    float3  Diffuse : COLOR;
    float2  Tex0    : TEXCOORD0;

		uniform float4x3    mWorldMatrixArray[22],
		uniform float4x4 WorldViewProj)
    float3      Normal = 0.0f;    

    float i;        // Index into matrix palette

    float4 inPos;
    inPos.xyz = IN.Position;
    inPos.w = 1;

    float3 tempPos, tempNormal;
    // We don't worry about the ELSE condition because we defined the 
    // initial conditions.

    // grab first bone matrix
    i = IN.Indices.x;

    // First transformed position and normal
    tempPos = mul(inPos, mWorldMatrixArray) * IN.Weights.x;
	tempNormal = mul(IN.Normal, (float3x3)mWorldMatrixArray) * IN.Weights.x;
    // Next bone.

    i = IN.Indices.y;

    // Add second transformed position and normal
    tempPos += mul(inPos, mWorldMatrixArray) * IN.Weights.y;
    tempNormal += mul(IN.Normal, (float3x3)mWorldMatrixArray) * IN.Weights.y;
    // Note we only skin the normal by the first two bones, these are by 
    // far the most significant.

	i = IN.Indices.z;

	// Add third transformed position only
	tempPos += mul(inPos, mWorldMatrixArray) * IN.Weights.z;


	i = IN.Indices.w;
	// Add fourth transformed position only
	tempPos += mul(inPos, mWorldMatrixArray) * IN.Weights.w;
    // normalize normals
	Normal = normalize(tempNormal);
	//OUT.Diffuse.xyz = max(dot(Normal, lhtDir), 0).xxx;

    // copy the input texture coordinate through
    OUT.Tex0  = IN.Tex0.xy;

    float4 finalPos;
    finalPos.xyz = tempPos;
    finalPos.w = 1;
	// Transform the final skinned position
    OUT.Pos = mul(finalPos, WorldViewProj);
    return OUT;

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Original post by PinkFish
bump. is my question that stupid ??? [bawling][bawling][bawling]

Well cg 1.5 IS still in beta-phase, you might wanna report this to nVidia. I bet that this shader is too complicated for vs_1_1 profile, I tested this on linux and it hanged on me too. Worked with vs_2_0 profile though.


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ah thanx a lot for trying it out!

this shader was writting with vs_1_1 in mind (at least that what the author says)
and it compiles ok with vs_1_1 with cgc 1.4.1 as i mentioned b4.

do u think it makes sense reporting it to nvidia? (will they even look at it?)

and whats the best way to do that? their developer feedback form?

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I work on the NVIDIA Cg runtime team, I'll check into this.

My NVIDIA email is tgrimes@nvidia.com incase you have other Cg issues.


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Ok I see what you mean.

With the latest code we have as of RIGHT NOW, I don't get a hang but the compiler does give an assertion about "profile does not support spilling."

Since I don't work on the compiler I'm not 100% sure what they mean by that, but I'll file a bug report since I can see, like you say, it does work in 1.4.1.

For now you'll have to use vs_2_0 or higher since compilation works fine in those profiles.


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If 1.4 does everything you need then you can stick with it for a while longer. Or you could stay with 1.5 and not use vs_1_1, but instead 2_0 or higher as long as that's an option for you.

However, 1.5 improved the D3D9 runtime A LOT so if you're using D3D9, it would be best to use 1.5 if possible.

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i need this shader in 1_1, but i can just compile it with 1.4.1 (and use the assembly), and use 1.5 for others or ? [grin]

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