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IDirectXFileData-GetData() - Deprecated!

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Hello, I'll cut straight to the chase. I have a ParseXFileData function, which (of course) parses XFiles for their data. It first gives a call to ID3DXFileData->GetType() and stores the information into a GUID *Type. Then all the possible Types are checked:
void cMesh::ParseXFileData(ID3DXFileData *pDataObj, sFrame *ParentFrame, char *TexturePath)
	GUID		*Type = NULL;
	char		*Name = NULL;
	DWORD		Size;
	sFrame		*SubFrame = NULL;
	char		Path[MAX_PATH];

	sFrame		*Frame = NULL;
	D3DXMATRIX	*FrameMatrix = NULL;

	sMesh			*Mesh = NULL;
	ID3DXBuffer		*MaterialBuffer = NULL;
	D3DXMATERIAL	*Materials = NULL;
	ID3DXBuffer		*Adjecancy = NULL;
	DWORD			*ADjecancyIn = NULL;
	DWORD			*AdjecancyOut = NULL;

	BYTE	**Ptr;

	if(FAILED(pDataObj->GetType(Type))) { return; }
	if(FAILED(pDataObj->GetName(NULL, &Size))) { return; }
		if((Name = new char[Size]) != NULL) { pDataObj->GetName(Name, &Size); }

	if(Name == NULL)
		if((Name = new char[9]) == NULL) { return; }
		strcpy(Name, "%NoName%");

	SubFrame = ParentFrame;

	if(*Type == TID_D3DRMFrame)
		Frame = new sFrame();

		Frame->m_Name = Name;
		Name = NULL;

		Frame->m_Parent = ParentFrame;
		Frame->m_Sibling = ParentFrame->m_Child;
		ParentFrame->m_Child = Frame;


		SubFrame = Frame;

	if(*Type == TID_D3DRMFrameTransformationMatrix)
		if(FAILED(pDataObj->GetData(NULL, &Size, (PVOID*)&FrameMatrix))) { return; }
		ParentFrame->m_MatOriginal = *FrameMatrix;
Most of the function isn't that important but the last part of the function gives some errors. I'm converting code from a book that uses DirectX 9.0a so instead of IDirectXFileData I use ID3DXFileData. The problem is that ID3DXFileData doesn't have a GetData() function as used in the last part of the code. Can someone help to convert this part to DirectX SDK9.0c? (Also: I use C++, MVSC++, and the books' "programming Role Playing Games with DirectX") -Stenny

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If I'm not wrong, this should be it [smile]

if (Type == TID_D3DRMFrameTransformMatrix)
BYTE** DataPtr = NULL;

if (FAILED(pDataObj->Lock(&Size, (LPCVOID*)&DataPtr)))

memcpy(&ParentFrame->m_MatOriginal, (void*)DataPtr, Size);

I've changed this line as well (removing the * pointer), not sure if it's necessary:

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Thank you! It's working! [smile]!

Although I don't even dare to doubt you (hehe), is there someone who can tell me that is indeed (one of) the right way(s) to do it? I don't want to end up with a wrong function.


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